Remembering The Easter Jeep Safari 2014

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On our way down to EJS we received a photo from our friend Craig. No "Fit-it" tickets for Craig. He finally got them on and they look great. Thanks.


While in Moab at the Easter Jeep Safari, we visited the booth for AFE. I filed a complaint that I had been living with for about 2 years in the fact that I had purchase a replacement filter and when it arrived, it did not fit. When I called to return it I was told at that time that it was the right one for my truck and that I was doing something wrong and that I should try again. I let it go and forgot about it until I seen their booth so I took advantage of the situation......Let me now tell you that these people went way overboard to rectify the issue and my problem of two years has been more than resolved! AFE must have had one "bad apple" and we all know how that can go. These guys went from "zero to hero" with me! Completely impressed.

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