Survival Bracelet,Outdoors Survival With Compass Fire Starter And Whistle Emergency

GRD Products Co.

  • $ 15.80

Connection buckle :Include survival whistle,phone card pin,knift,SOS LED light,grade embedded compass and waterproof magnesium rod flint

Life saving line: 7 core rope. The rope about 122 inches after open paracord bracelet. Can withstand up to 250 kg(550LB).Can be used to stop bleeding after injury,or use as clothesline,shoelace

The mini card tool:A bottle opener, single blade knife, serrated knife,three specifications hexagon screwdriver and two size of wrench.Groove has hidden a T-tool. It has two dimensions of a screwdriver and two types of scraper.Two mini tool, to help you deal with any emergency maintenance

Occasion:It's suitable for work on the freeway or enjoying your off-duty time exercising, hiking, running, biking, gym workouts, or simply doing anything outdoors

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